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Benefits of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

We Recommend Daily Contact Lenses In Parker, Colorado

Insert your contact lenses in the morning, wear them all day long, and discard them at night. Open a new package of fresh lenses for the next day of wearing. That’s all the instructions you need to know about daily disposable contact lenses!

The convenient wearing schedule and low maintenance are the primary reasons behind the rising popularity of dailies. In addition to these benefits, you will also enjoy crisp vision, optimal eye health, and a number of other advantages.

As our eye doctor can explain during your next eye exam, there are many types of contact lenses on the market, and every individual needs to wear the type that best satisfies a specific vision prescription and lifestyle requirements. To help you make this decision, here’s an outline of what you have to gain from daily disposables.

Top Health From Daily Contact Lenses

Many research studies demonstrate that dailies lead to less contact lens related complications, such as infections and irritation, than other contacts (approximately 6x less!). Dailies are great for kids, as many children – teens in particular – tend to neglect proper cleaning and disinfecting of their lenses, which puts their eye health at risk.

Smooth Comfort From Daily Contact Lenses

Fresh contacts are inserted daily, which means that there is almost no time for harmful deposits to build up on the lenses. This is particularly relevant for people who suffer eye allergies, as it reduces the amount of pollen and other irritants that stick to your contacts.  Each wear will give you ultimate comfort.

Daily Contact Lenses Are Economical

You won’t need to purchase any contact lens cleaning solutions. Additionally, if you only wear contacts a few times a week – you will save money. So while it’s true that a year supply of dailies will cost more than monthly disposables, your bottom-line price isn’t significantly higher. In fact, calculations place dailies at about $1 - $1.50 per day, about the same as your daily cup of java.

Daily Contact Lenses Are Ultra-Convenient

close up of a girl holding a contact lens pvThere is so much to do every day – who wants to add a contact lens disinfecting routine to the daily schedule? Caring for dailies involves nothing more than putting them in and taking them out of your eyes. Toss out all of the solution bottles that are crowding your medicine cabinet! And forget about calendar reminders for when to replace your lenses.

This also makes daily disposables ideal for travel, with no need to pack extra supplies. For this benefit alone, many of our Parker, CO, patients rave about their daily disposables as the perfect summer and vacation accessory!

Crystal-clear Vision You Get From Daily Contact Lenses

You wear contact lenses in order to see clear and sharp, and daily disposables do the job perfectly. Studies show that vision quality with dailies is higher than when wearing conventional contact lenses. Fortunately, dailies are available in a wide range of prescriptions to suit many vision conditions.

Daily Contact Lens Fittings In Parker, Colorado

To find out if daily disposable contact lenses are right for you, visit our eye care clinic in Parker, CO. Our eye doctor, Dr. Michael Vaske, will perform a through contact lens exam and fitting, and we’ll help you weigh the benefits, pros and cons of wearing dailies.