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Video: How To Insert And Remove Contact Lenses

Wondering how to put on contact lenses? If you're a beginner with wearing contacts, not to worry, putting in contacts is very easy. 

Here are some tips for new contact lens wearers:

  • Always follow the wearing schedule prescribed by your doctor.
  • Always wash your hands with soap before applying or removing contact lenses.
  • Never use any substance other than contact lens rinse or solution to clean contacts (even tap water is a no-no).
  • Never reuse contact lens solution
  • Follow the eye doctor’s advice about swimming or showering in your lenses
  • Always remove your lenses if they are bothering you or causing irritation.
  • Never sleep in your lenses unless they are extended wear.
  • Never use any contact lenses that were not acquired with a prescription at an authorized source.
  • Never purchase cosmetic lenses without a prescription!

Please contact our eye care office if you have any questions about your contact lenses

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