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Annual Eye Exam for Patients with Diabetes

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Family Picture - Diabetic Eye Care - Optometrist - Parker, COAll types of diabetes pose a serious risk to your ocular health and long-lasting vision quality. Diabetes, especially when it is not controlled properly, can lead to many eye diseases, such as glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy. Usually, these conditions do not cause any problems or symptoms at the beginning, so you won’t know when they start.

Therefore, the only way to detect or rule out any ocular complications from diabetes is through an annual eye exam. Fortunately, Dr. Michael Vaske makes it easy and convenient for you to receive expert eye care. No need to look further when you need an eye doctor  – our office is here to serve you, located in the Walmart Supercenter in Parker, CO, and open on Saturdays.

How can I help prevent eye complications from diabetes?

You may have heard your physician and eye doctor gauge your diabetes control based on the results of your HbA1c test, also nicknamed the A1c. This specialized blood test provides valuable information about a patient’s average blood sugar levels over the past three months. Currently, the A1c holds title as the main test for diabetes management and research.

A1c results are listed as a percentage; the higher the number, the higher that blood glucose has been over that three-month span. To monitor overall blood sugar control, medical professionals recommend that people with diabetes perform an A1c blood test at least twice per year. What do these results mean for your eye health?

Our Walmart eye doctor in Parker, Colorado, stresses that if you have diabetes, you can help protect your eyes by maintaining your A1c test results within the parameters set by your physician. These numbers are a tool to monitor diabetes management, and they guide your health care provider as to whether your treatment regimen is working, or whether a change is needed. Many scientific studies demonstrate that keeping blood sugars as normal as possible has a powerful effect on ocular health. This is the most effective way to prevent long-term diabetes complications and preserve your clear and healthy vision.

What does my optometrist near me do during an annual eye exam?

Our office, located in the Walmart Supercenter in Parker, CO, is equipped with advanced diagnostics and the latest optics, such as digital imaging. All of these high-tech tools help to monitor and maximize your eye health. During your annual eye exam for diabetes, Dr. Michael Vaske will administer the following:

Retinal Eye Exam

This procedure inspects thoroughly and precisely for the signs of diabetic retinopathy. Prior to the test, Dr. Vaske will apply eye drops to dilate your eyes. With the help of high-powered magnification and a bright light, he will then examine your retinal blood vessels, optic nerve, and tissues at the back of your eye. We may also use a retinal camera to analyze the details of your ocular structure. Altogether, this testing allows our Walmart eye doctor to identify any signs of diabetic retinopathy.

Glaucoma Screening

Diabetes can raise the pressure level of your intraocular fluid, which is the most common symptom of glaucoma. Increased pressure can push on your optic nerve, which then interferes with regular, healthy blood flow. If this pressure is not treated, glaucoma can cause vision loss and eventually blindness.

Typically, the first effect of glaucoma is a loss of peripheral vision. Therefore, Dr. Michael Vaske will use visual field testing to assess your side vision. We will also use tonometry, which involves a puff of air blown across your eye or the gentle touch of a blue light to your eyeball, to measure eye pressure. These procedures are quick and painless, and a numbing eye drop is often placed in your eye beforehand to ensure that you feel nothing. To verify or eliminate a glaucoma diagnosis, our optometrist will also inspect your optic nerve.

Examination for Cataracts

Cataracts refer to a clouding of the lens of your eye, which is normally transparent. To check for cataracts, our Walmart eye doctor will use a biomicroscope, also called a slit lamp, to see if your lens shows any yellowing or white patches. Once the opaque parts of a cataract interfere with sharp vision, your eye surgeon can remove it and replace it with an artificial intraocular implant. Cataract surgery has a very high success rate and is a quick, common procedure.

Our Walmart Eye Doctor in Parker, CO – Watching Out for Your Vision & Diabetes

Annual eye exams are an essential part of caring for your health with diabetes. We invite you to benefit from our compassionate and expert eye care services, all provided within the comfort of Vaske Vision Care, located in the Walmart Supercenter in Parker, Colorado, and open on Saturdays to fit your busy schedule.

For over 16 years, Dr. Michael Vaske has been serving the Town of Parker and the general region of Colorado’s Douglas County. To give you friendly and first-rate service, we believe in a good relationship between patient and eye doctor. We will pay attention to your eye care history and current vision requirements. If you have diabetes you need to schedule an annual eye exam. Call Vaske Vision Care to make an appointment today!

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